How to use this site

This site is designed for people to add and edit material of interest to them about Canberra theatre past and present, including adding photos, documents and video.

If you haven’t used WordPress before and you want to contribute to Theatre ACT it is worth spending a bit of time looking at a user guide. A very good non-technical guide (i.e. using WordPress without getting into HTML coding) is the Easy WP Guide. This site uses the Wiki plugin by WPMU DEV.

In order to become a contributor and edit a page, you will need to create an account using the Registration & Login menu at the right.

As a contributor your edits will go live immediately, and the changes will be noted in the History tab. If you think something is incorrect , inaccurate or unfair, please correct it! Anyone is welcome to leave comments on any page, although these will be moderated. The Editorial Board will keep an eye on things and we reserve the right to make changes to anything we think inappropriate.

Please DO NOT use the conventional WordPress New Post function for new entries: use the New Wiki function (which acts almost identically) and ensure you nominate a Category. Please note that entries appear under the Category Pages in the order in which they have been edited, and not alphabetically, so we recommend using the Search bar to find things.